Frank Taylor

Saturdays 9:30pm-2:30am

Frank Taylor was born and raised in Shavertown, Pennsylvania, a small town in northeast PA. He started singing and playing relatively late compared to most singers. His first "gig" wasn't until 1990, when he was 17. After that, things seemed to move quickly. At 20, Frank place 2nd in the local country showdown as an acoustic act, beating out numerous bands.  He played in a few local bands while in PA and always played acoustic gigs.  Frank played with one of NEPA's top country bands, The E-Z ride band for a few years until he decided it was time for something more.

In October of 1995, he moved to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career.

Over the past few years he's written with many different writers and has signed several single song deals on his songs.

For 6 years or so Frank played the acoustic while the band took breaks but as of the beginning of 2003 he started playing with the band on Saturday nights. You'll hear everything from Merle Haggard to Jimmy Buffet. Although the Saturday night band varies some weeks, there are always top players out to have a good time.

Frank’s latest CD, “Alone Again”, features eight songs, which he co-wrote, and is available for sale.

His CD can be purchased at the Fiddle Bar or you can e-mail Frank

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Frank can also be seen at...

Sunday 7-9 Jesse Zane's Nashville Nights before the jam

Monday 7-11 Inn Place Lounge inside the guesthouse inn on music valley dr.

Wednesday 7-9 Jesse Zane's Nashville Nights

Wednesday 10-1 Joes Crab Shack 2nd Ave

Thursday 8-9:30 Fiddle and Steel happy hour

Thursday 10-1 Joes Crab Shack 2nd Ave

These are all acoustic gigs

Phone Numbers

Jesse Zanes'   242-9773

Inn Place lounge  885-4030

Joe's Crab Shack  242-2722

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